EFORCE-InterService Nigeria Ltd


EFORCE-InterServices Ltd. is a genuine, bonafide Representative of State Military Industry Committee of the Republic of Belarus which also gives access to other relevant industries in former Soviet Union Countries under a single Defence Multilateral cooperation and Partnership along with their various collective and individual Defence Industries. EFORCE’s numerous agreements with these countries provides the opportunity to supply military Hardware and Software, providing technical services and maintenance of supplied items, establishing plants for in depth repairs and modernization of virtualy all Russian based existing stock of equipment for all the Armed services including the Air-force, Army and Navy These plants will have the ability to expand their service centers into a regional service centers

The list of Equipment and Services can be provided by/through EFORCE:

Helicopters (Supply of Mi-35 (overhauled) and Mi-17 (overhauled and brand new),
– Repairing, Maintenance and servicing of existing one),
– UAVs (plain and helicopters type),
– Armoured tanks and troops carriers,
– Navy ships and speed-boats,
– Small arms and ammunition,
– Special purpose optics, scanners, detectors and e.t.c.


Eforce can also establish other centers for training of various Special Forces for the security services both military and police and within the Country with trainers from these countries specialised in all types of warfare, internal security, anti-terrorism & intelligence gathering or VIP protection, while providing all the necessary equipment required by graduates to execute their assigned duties both in arms, electronic tactical equipment and associated apparel and protective gear.

We also offer a complete solution for the Country’s Border control
With armored Guard services for ground, water and air controls giving the potential to totally lock-up the Country’s borders, monitor, control and identify both legal and illegal crossings by individuals, groups, vehicles, ships and aircrafts.