Our company’s plan to fully integrate the Nigerian economy and participate in the development of industrial and agricultural area in Nigeria. We have all the capacity and capability to attain our plans. Also our company is open for collaboration with any willing business and government organization,particularly: agricultural sectors;


On the Joint Venture arrangement with STYER Nigeria Ltd and Minsk Tractors Work, we are planning to establish the assembly plant for Belarus tractors and agricultural equipment.
We intend to be a major manufacturer and supplier of Agricultural tractors in Nigeria, who will provide complete package for Nigerian farmers for their successful field’s works: training, workshop service, availability of spare parts.

Oil and Gas

We are planning to manufacture equipment for 3 private modular mini-refineries. In cooperation with the best in the world Oil and Gas research institute “Utkin”, we will introduce the modern technologies to terminate and process oil sledges and oil spillages in damaged areas in Nigeria . Also we can provide technologies for preparation and purification (removing metal saults, radiation, etc) of crude oil for the further using in the refineries.


In cooperation with Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) and STYER Nigeria Lit to establish an assembly plant for the various models of buses and trucks and also participate in arranging of proper transportation systems for the city and intercity mass-transport in Nigeria.


We have all necessary equipment, technologies, materials and experience to do civil and industrial construction business in Nigeria.
We can supply to Nigerian road-construction companies with Russian-made innovative polymer modified bitumen that has better resistance to deformation and providing longer life cycle of asphalt road.


Security and Defence

EFORCE-InterServices Ltd. is a genuine, bonafide Representative of State Military IndustryRead More »


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SERENE Consulting Limited

Serene Consulting was formed in 2000 to encompass an bring the multipleRead More »


We are the “Trade House” of JV Minsk Tractors Work “BELARUS” and “STYER Nigeria LimitedRead More »


Using the agreement for the technical and financial support from Russian mega CompaniesRead More »