Our company provides services for geophysical exploration using the method of natural pulsed electromagnetic fields of the Earth.

The method is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic emission: low-conductive materials, including rocks, under mechanical or thermal action on them, emit a pulsed electromagnetic field in a wide frequency range. The maximum energy of this radiation lies in the kilohertz range. The sources of the electromagnetic signal are inhomogeneities and cracks, and this emission carries information about the physical properties of the material.

Mineral deposits, especially conductive minerals, alter the structure of rocks and modulate seismic and deformation waves, and hence electromagnetic emissions.

There are many mechanisms that change the electromagnetic background over mineral deposits. The influence of each of them is small, but in aggregate they significantly change the emission electromagnetic signal, which makes it possible to find and delineate various deposits.



PK Pride – produces rigs for horizontal, vertical drilling, and overhaul of wells. Our equipment meets generally accepted international quality standards, we value the quality of our products, therefore we responsibly approach the choice of suppliers and strictly control the supplied materials and spare parts.


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    Rigs for overhaul of wells, drilling of wells with a lifting capacity on the hook from 40 to 225 tons.
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    Self-propelled drilling units for drilling wells for oil, gas, water supply, hydrogeology.
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    Rigs for horizontal directional drilling


UMG SDM is part of the United Machine-Building Group holding and includes machine-building plants: Eksmash, Tverskoy excavator, Bryansk Arsenal, Chelyabinsk road-building machines, YMDZhi-Rybinsk

The main types of products are wheel and tracked excavators, industrial loaders, backhoe loaders, excavatorplanners, motor graders, telescopic loaders.

The product line also includes front loaders, mulchers, utility vehicles, excavators on a truck chassis, snow groomers. Industrial complexes and engineering centers are located in the cities: Tver, Chelyabinsk, Bryansk, Rybinsk.


The company offers a range of crawler-type bulldozers CHETRA produced by LLC PC Promtractor – modern, multipurpose, high-performance machines of various drawbar categories for all types of work.

Whatever application you have in mind – construction, mining, pipe-laying, forestry operations or waste recycling, CHETRA is your first choice.

Russian bulldozers CHETRA have an excellent ratio of practicality and innovation. Like no other bulldozer in the world they are adapted in the best possible way to Russian operating conditions.

BULLDOZERS “CHETRA” CHETRA bulldozers have modular design of all major units and systems, hydromechanical or hydrostatic transmission, can be equipped with different engines depending on the customer’s needs.

Up-to-date design of CHETRA bulldozers provides easy connection with equipment of other manufacturers, e.g. global positioning, levelling systems or additional safety systems.


Optimal excavator engineering parameters:

All our engineering parameters fully conform to those of the best international brands: engine power, digging force, bucket capacity, output, and others.

This has been achieved by:

1) Identical metal structures: KRANEKS uses the same equipment and materials to produce metal structures for its own machines and for excavator plants of its strategic partner the Japanese company Komatsu.

2) Identical components: KRANEKS excavators feature the same components as those used by leading world manufacturers.

For example: hydraulic equipment from Bosch Rexroth Company, Germany; cylinders from Wipro Company, Sweden; undercarriage from Trasmital Bonfiglioli; bucket welded metal structures (Hardox and Weldox) from SSAB Company, Sweden – which are supplied to Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Liebherr, and others.