SERENE Consulting Ltd, in conjunction with Komsomolets (Russia) and New Products
Plant ODO (Belarus), propose a one stop solution for the neutralizing of oil spills (on
water and ground) and water Treatment Technologies (purification of polluted waters).

Oil Spills termination:

The main benefits for our systems / products are summarized, as:
Eliminating the ecological consequences of oil and chemical spillage in any target open
water areas and ground, solving a wide range of environmental problems by:
Absorption of oil and chemical product spillage,
Creating buffer areas near seacoast,
– Removing thin (iridescent) hydrocarbonic films from water surface either in the sea,
rivers, ports, peers etc.,
– Breakwaters clearance and Shoreline restoration,
– Neutralizing ground oil spills and in-reaching the soil, which can be re-cultivated and
by end of treatment period can be use for Agricultural purpose.
– Purifying any kind of water (industrial or natural polluted bodies of water including
rivers, lakes, ocean) providing clean water up to where it is perfectly fit for human

Water-treatment equipment:

Our systems and technologies are designed for industries too from Energy, Housing,
Food production, Oil lifting & processing and Sea/River ports.
Not only do we produce the drinking water plants as Public Utilities and Industrial
sized plants for any type of area, polluted or not, but the plants can also be in portable
containers, ready to deploy to help the population in areas that may have had their
Water supplies affected by anything from Floods or Chemical contamination.